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Ways To Take Care Of Flowering Plants In Summer

Plants make our life healthier and happier. A touch of greenery inside as well as outside of the house can work wonders in keeping the surrounding air fresh and free of toxins and therefore plants also make for amazing gifts for your loved ones. Now that you can arrange for a gift delivery online and send plants to your loved ones  in an instant , it is important to consider which type of plants to send to your loved ones. While  there are a lot of plant options that you can choose from,  if you are considering giving flowering plants, make sure that you share this article with them as well, for today we are going to write about ways to take care of flowering plants in summer. Since flowering plants are considered to be very sensitive and delicate to the environment, they need special care and protection when it comes to different seasons. Here are a few tips to take care of flowering plants during the scorching heat of summers. 

Regular Watering: It is extremely essential to water your flowers at least once a day during the summer season and irregular and watering during this season can cause the plants to wither or result in their stunted growth during this season. Also search about the species of flowering plants and determine the quantity of water they require everyday and water your plants based on this research. 

Help The Soil Retain Moisture: Due to increased evaporation, the soil tends to become dry during the summer season and therefore it is important to retain the moisture of the soil. While large plants have deeper roots to soak up water from the deeper layers of soil, it is not the case with potted plants that need some help to keep the soil moist. Adding clay in the soil helps retain moisture and keeps the plant healthy even during summers. 

Shading Is Extremely Important: During summers, if you have flowering plants kept in the balcony or garden where there is ample amount of sunlight everyday, a shade cloth for your plants is extremely important and easily available in online stores and horticultural dealerships. However, you need to take  care of the material that you choose depending on the plants of your garden. 

Practice Mulching: Mulching involves spreading a material on the soil surface so that the soil surface stays cool. This also helps  in preventing weed and aids hydration of the soil. Mulch is made of different things like tree bark, dirt, newspaper, lawn clippings, shredded leaves and sawdust. However, it is important to turn the mulch around every few days and exchange it when it decomposes. 

Remove Weeds From Your Garden: Weeds also compete for resources with useful plants and may harbour pests and diseases. If your flowering plants are potted in a vase you can easily remove the weed by simply uprooting them but for a larger garden tools like a hoe and pick can help you remove weed from your garden effectively. 

Apply Appropriate Fertilizers: Garden soil or the sil in pots deteriorates leaving the flowering plants deficient in nutrients and it is important that you use fertilizers in your garden as soon as you notice a low soil fertility. The best fertilizers for flowering plants are mostly water-soluble fertilizers of liquid fertilizers. 

Go For Proper Pruning and Weeding: Pruning not only helps your garden look more beautiful but also well-maintained and makes for a crucial way of caring for your plants during the summer season. Pruning of unwanted leaves and foliage will help in water retention and will make sure that the plant gets enough nutrition during summers. 

Provide Plants Sunlight: Sunlight is the source of energy in plants and some flowers require many hours of sunlight to bloom to the fullest. Putting a fence around your garden or vases is the best way for plants that cannot stand long hours of sunlight. 

Well, surely these easy and effective ways to help flowering plants grow their best even in summers will help. Practice each one of these efficiently and read more about the types of flowering plants in your garden to provide them proper care during the hot season.