Tips to Remodelling Office Reception Area

For any office, the reception area plays a crucial role in setting the right first impression. The way you organize your reception table can significantly impact how prospective job seeks, vendors, stakeholders, and others think of your organization. Whether you are remodeling your office area or getting an office build from starch, you should be careful when picking reception counters

The reception area should have ample seating, good lighting, a reception counter, and of course, a receptionist. When choosing a reception desk, make sure it has panels to secrecy to the front office officer. However, the reception desk should not be so tall that people have inconvenience reaching out to the receptionist. Whichever reception desk you choose should be welcoming and authoritative in look. 

This blog has listed some tips for choosing the right reception counter for an office or school. 

  1. The style of the reception counter should match the style of your office. 

Ensure the reception area blends well with the symmetry to your office interior and doesn’t look awkward. If you have a contemporary office design, a traditional reception desk will not go well. If you are not sure what type of front office desk you should pick, always consult an expert interior decorator. 

  • The reception should be functional and practical in design. 

The reception desk is different than other office furniture. Unlike other office desks, it can’t be put to any other use than reception. Thus, pick a reception desk that is designed for front office use only. Ensure it has ample space to keep PC and other essential things.

  • Don’t compromise with comfort.

A receptionist is the first point of interaction between an organization and the outside world. How comfortably and conveniently your reception staff is seated has a significant impact on their work performance. Thus, make sure you invest in a reception desk that is comfortable to sit and work on. The desk should be so small that it gets clumsy and not too large that the receptionist has to get up every time to retrieve an item or file. The privacy of your reception staff is also another crucial factor to keep in mind. 

  • Be mindful of the design and layout of the reception counter.

The reception desk can take up a considerable space of an office front area. Thus, ensure the reception table doesn’t prevent the free movement of the staff members. The size of the desk should be by the space available for the reception. Buying a too large desk will look as if the counter has been awkwardly placed in the room. 

Many people wonder if there is a formula to choosing a reception desk that is perfectly sized. Here is the answer. 

Before the start of your search for a perfect reception counter:

  1. Measure the area of your office where you intend to place the desk.
  2. When measuring the site for your reception, ensure you leave enough space around the reception.
  3. Be mindful of architectural elements like windows, doors, furniture, wiring, etc. 

It’s recommended that you leave 60-inches of space at the back of the reception desk so that a chair can fit in perfectly.