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Tips for Choosing Ceramics

floor is one of the elements of the house that rarely gets a touch of decoration. Actually, through creativity and design, beautifying the floor can be the best solution to give a different atmosphere to the room. In decorating the floor, you must think about the design and comfort so it will turn out cozy and functional.

Space function must be considered because it will affect the tile that will be used. There are several types of tile; polished (shiny), unpolished (not shiny), and rustic (rough). Choose the tiles based on its function, such as unpolished or rustic ceramic types for bathroom and terrace.

Adjust the tile with room type

unpolished ceramics can be used for areas that interact directly with water but still in low intensity. Terrace, garage, dry bathroom, and kitchen, must use unpolished ceramics. However, this type of material can also used in areas in the house, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms.

Polished tiles are appropriate to be applied in indoor areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, and bathroom walls.

Rustic tiles are usually installed for areas that are routinely exposed to high-intensity water. The goal is to make the area not slippery when people passed. However, some homeowners apply these ceramics for indoor areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Room size will also affect the color and ceramic motifs. As in the industrial style, monochrome with stone or cement motifs match with rustic and unpolished tile types. As for the tile size, if the area is medium and not too large, you can use tiles of size 60 × 60 cm. Conversely, if large enough and wide can use tiles measuring 60 × 120 cm or 80 × 80 cm.

Some things should be avoided when designing a narrow and fully furnished floor. do not use large tiles and dark colors tiles because it makes the room look narrow and feels tight.

When you want to decorate family room, it is recommended to use 60x60cm polished tiles with neutral colors. If you want to decorate your floor house, buy the ceramics at Amber Tiles.  Amber Tiles provides various types of tiles with many motifs, texture, and good quality. you can visit the website at https://www.ambertiles.com.au/