The Recruitment Industry: What Has Changed In 10 Years?

In one decade there is a lot that can change. Technology has allowed a large amount of change with some things growing, some things becoming obsolete, and other things being changed completely.

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Many industries have changed thanks to technology and one of them that has changed drastically is recruitment. Social media and online job boards were thought to negatively impact the recruitment agencies, but in fact, they have helped them grow even stronger. Are you wondering exactly the last decade has seen the recruitment industry and its many changes?

Faster Recruitment

It wasn’t too long ago that finding someone to fill a role was a task that took a lot of time and work. Client communication didn’t used to be as easy as it is now. The only way for candidates and clients to discuss things was via landline or post. Then, you had to contend with the work day which made it challenging to set up interviews, make negotiations, or get the necessary feedback that is needed to make any kind of offer. Offer letters and contracts were typically delayed, which pushed back start dates, since they had to be posted, then signed, and finally sent back to the client, or employer.

Today, though, emails and mobile phones make it extremely easy to contact clients and candidates. No matter what time it is, communication can be made. Email allows for the important documents that need to be signed within a matter of minutes. This means that new candidates can start their new jobs immediately.

Larger Talent Pools

It used to be that recruitment agencies only had access to the candidates that came into their offices. That was before technology. What this meant was that recruiters only had these candidates in their database and if they didn’t fit their clients’ needs they could lose them.

Today, however, the internet allows recruiting agencies to have a database full of an endless number candidates. This means that they can provide high-quality candidates to their clients. Thanks to social media and online job boards, recruiters have candidates available to them that just ten years ago, they never would have seen.

Pro-Active Candidates

A decade ago looking for a job meant registering with several recruitment agencies for the best chance of getting a job. However, it took a long time and many times didn’t work out too well for those looking for reputable employment.

Today’s technology has turned all of that around. With the internet, candidates are able to have more control over their search for a job and be more proactive. Instead of sitting and waiting for that perfect phone call, those searching for a job are able to see the vacancies and apply for those they are interested in.

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The internet is great for many things, but it also has made it where our lives are less private. What does this mean for companies and candidates? It means that it’s very important to think about how you present yourself to the world.

Candidates will want to make sure that their social media profiles are carefully managed so potential employers can find them, learn more about them, and then decide if they want to make them an offer. Glassdoor and similar websites were created so that companies are required to think about how they treat their employees. This includes things such as pay, employee satisfaction, and everything in between.