How To Choose The Best Body Shapers For All Your Needs

As with make-up, it is important to get the foundation of your outerwear

right in order to obtain that slick, smooth look that makes you look your best in figure hugging outfits and slinky evening gowns. That is why good body shapewear is a must for any women’s wardrobe. To appreciate why this classic undergarment is so well beloved we need to understand the importance of its basic structure which are the anchoring points at crotch and shoulders.

This anchoring feature of a body shaper is what keeps it sturdy and reliable and prevents roll down and roll up. Companies for so long now would only cater for those who where slender or deemed superior for catwalks, times are changing as are body shapes, sizes and needs. Elle Courbee is testament to supporting women by making shapewear for all shapes and sizes.

The new generation of body shape wear are surprisingly comfortable to wear with elastic parts and panels of engineering magic that keeps everything in place where it belongs – a far cry from the organ-squeezing, tight contraptions of the past that left red marks behind for hours after peeling it off.

This is what makes the most versatile and effective shape wear styles available out there. Here are some of things you will need to consider in order to choose the right style for your unique shape.

Compression Points

Where would you like to focus compression to obtain that smooth and streamlined silhouette you desire?


It is important to know that a naturally sleek body line actually starts from the thigh which is often a neglected area of shaping. Look for body shape wear that provides ample compression from the thighs all the way to the shoulder anchor for an uninterrupted line. Body contouring shapers are designed to slim, sculpt, and smooth the thighs while giving your derrière a perky lift.


Shapewear is all about enhancing curves and camouflaging unwanted bumps. Modern body shapers have cleverly placed contour panels with a smooth outer layer of material that won’t show through, no matter what you are wearing. A body shaper with waist compression will mould your mid-section, while allowing your body to move naturally and freely.


Bust compression is a key component in body shapewear. The level of flexibility is a variable factor with options to choose from such as a bust shaping slip that allows you to choose a separate bra or a corset-style push-up body shaper that shows off your bust to its best advantage.


Choose the shape you want to suit your mood or the particular garment you will be wearing – from subtle to dramatic, the choice is yours.


Waist cinching body shape wear is specifically designed to give your body that enviable hourglass figure. However, to carry off the look of an hourglass figure is not all about clinching the waist. A perfect hourglass shape needs a smooth line from the thighs and hips to the right height of the breasts. A quality body shaper will focus on all these areas to create a perfect hourglass silhouette.


A light to medium, long-line body shaper will provide smooth, elegant and subtle lines without changing your own natural shape in a dramatic way. Long-leg body shape wear is ideal to create a natural, uninterrupted shape.


Nude colours will minimise the chance of visibility while white is ideal when wearing white garments or to offset very light-coloured garments. Navy or black colours are best worn with dark colours or to give a confident feeling when wearing black evening wear.


While some women love the aesthetic detail that lace offers, others prefer understated and un-embellished shape wear. Modern body shapers are available in a variety styles ranging from elaborate lace to plain, sleek materials. Even if you love lace, when wearing a snug outfit, you should try to avoid wearing any shape wear with detail that could cause an interruption to the overall silhouette you wish to accomplish.


A casual or formal dress will hang smoothly and naturally if you wear a body shaping slip with an anchor from the shoulders to the hips and thighs with ample compression around the waist.

Everyday Wear

The best everyday wear body shaper consists of a simple, underwired bodysuit that is firmly anchored from the shoulders to the crotch with support for the breasts and hips to keep your body practically and comfortably supported.

A really great thing about the wide variety of body shape wear available is that you don’t need to choose just one! The truth is you have different moods and occasions that require different garments to dress up in.

So why not have a collection of body shapers in your wardrobe to match all your moods from bombshell to demure and cover all your dress needs from work to play, summer to winter, and casual to formal!