Electrostatic Coronavirus Deep Clean Equipment

Launching the latest equipment that will assist in deep cleaning your place, especially with the situation the whole world is dealing with at the moment in relation to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It can be for office deep cleaning,  maintaining cleanliness standards in schools and providing deep cleans in general public areas. It is important to keep staff and the public safe.

Why It’s Critical to Stay on Top of Cleaning

You may be wondering why you should be worried about some cleaning tasks getting missed. There are more important things that are worth your attention. You may be inclined to think like this in the middle of a hectic workday. But relax, take a step backward, and consider the advantages of having a well-structured and clean working environment.

Personnel who enjoy better well-being and health in their workplace are more likely to be more productive. Equipment and systems will function better and for more extended periods when not clogged with grime or in a state of disarray. When the workplace receives guests, a clean and well-kempt will assist in creating an excellent first impression. Note that occasional cleaning is an incremental advantage. Therefore, having a planning schedule is essential.

So, What Areas Need to Be Cleaned?

Start by breaking down your space into sections. This is an excellent way to concentrate your cleaning tasks to make sure that nothing is overlooked. The government is not advocating that workplaces remain closed; instead, the government is pushing for remote working if possible.

So, employees are free to go and work from the workplace as long as they haven’t exhibited any symptoms. When a staff member is diagnosed with the Coronavirus, a business may decide to deep clean its offices. You can alternatively opt for a deep clean as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus. If your employees are currently working remotely, it’s the perfect time to book a preventative deep clean service. This way, when your employees return to the workplace, chances of the virus resurgence become slim to none.

Electrostatic Spray

Electrostatic Spray cleaning entails spraying electrostatically charged chemical particles that enable you to spray a chemical mist onto objects and surfaces. The Spray utilises a specialised solution that is mixed with air and atomised inside the sprayer by an electrode.

The spray subsequently contains positively charged particles that aggressively attach to objects and surfaces. Since the spray has positively charged particles, they adhere to and coat any object or surface they’re aimed at.

This equipment is ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas or awkwardly shaped objects. Our trained operative just has to point and spray; the mist’s nature enables it to envelope and coat surfaces or objects evenly – even if it has been sprayed on one side. After applying the spray, the sanitising agent works towards disinfecting the covered area. Because of this, the Electrostatic Spray is the best solution to deal with contaminant ridden places.

Minimises the duration needed to cover and disinfect surfaces and hard-to-reach areas by almost half compared to traditional techniques.

Why Choose Our Electrostatic Cleaning Service?

Boosts infection control and outbreak of viruses like HIV, MRSA, influenza, Coronavirus, and many others.

Eliminates potential dangers relating to overuse since chemicals are applied in a more controlled and efficient manner.

Prevents potential financial burdens affiliated with contagious disease infections Electrostatic spray cleaning is ideal for walls, floors, and desktops that need to be spotlessly clean. The same case applies for hard-to-reach areas and equipment; if an object is heavily used, electrostatic cleaning is the most thorough way to remove dirt and germs.