Key Differences Between Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities

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Learning difficulties and learning disabilities – they seem similar, don’t they? You may even talk about one without even knowing that you actually mean the other one. It’s a mistake that many people make because they don’t know the difference between these two problems.

A learning disability means a condition that affects your intelligence and learning abilities across all spheres of your life, as stated by the disability news service.

On the other hand, a learning difficulty means a condition that creates an obstacle to learn a few things. However, that doesn’t affect your overall IQ.

You may be curious to know whether Downs Syndrome goes under learning disability or learning difficulty. Well, it definitely comes under learning disability because it impacts a person’s life. This includes his physical condition, IQ, health, and life skills.

If Downs Syndrome comes under learning disability, does that mean dyslexia is also a similar problem? No. Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, and it only impacts a few areas that don’t create an obstacle in other life skills of that person. For example, a dyslexic person may have difficulty reading, writing, or while spelling a word, but the same person can efficiently perform other activities without requiring ongoing care and support.

Learning disabilities confused with mental health problems

Sometimes, many people think that a learning disability is a mental problem. Although a person with a learning disability may think that the condition impacts his mental health, you should know that these conditions are not the same. Learning disability can develop in the early childhood days, or a person may be born with this condition. But mental health problems may occur at any time. Most importantly, learning disability is a permanent condition, while mental health problems may not always be permanent.

In fact, there are …

Cost Cutters UK – School Equipment Suppliers

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Cost Cutters UK are a prime example of what giving the right dedication to a craft can achieve. They have spent over 30 years building up relationships with different suppliers to ensure they bring the best products to their customers. Providing the highest quality of goods at the most competitive prices possible, I believe Cost Cutters UK is a leading business in the United Kingdom.

One of their specialties is school equipment, Cost Cutters UK have a robust range of high quality educational resources. Honestly, anything you can think of, Cost Cutters have you covered. Both early education and higher education equipment are listed on their website. They provide weatherproof signs with customisation, for example your school crest and name, wall mounted and freestanding and other informative signs and displays. Canteen tables and chairs, stacking and non-stacking classroom tables, versatile classroom chairs, classroom storage. Many of their products come with an option of different colours and sizes. For example, maybe your school needs new lab chairs, if you were to pick Cost Cutters’ Mettalliform BS School Lab Stool, you could pick from over 8 different colours and also the seat height. This is just one example of the different looks you can choose from to make a selected product fit your educational environment.

Another great thing about Cost Cutters UK school equipment is, if you find that you are struggling with the vision for your school or you want some assistance with planning out how many tables you need, or how much storage space can fit in your classroom or whatever needs you may have for your educational space. Cost Cutters also has you covered! They provide free spatial planning to make the process easier for their customers, they make your vision come to fruition free of charge. This …

Whiteboard For Online Education

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Best evidence on supporting students to study remotely Rapid proof assessment analyzing the existing analysis to assist the remote learning of pupils. In reality, many elements of studying — in houses, at colleges, at work and elsewhere — are evolving rapidly, together with our understanding of studying. When a new matter is launched within the curriculum, academics seek varied ways to show college students the related ideas. For the novel subject ‘supplies’ within the revised Dutch curriculum, I developed an experiment during which college students determine Young’s modulus using a guitar string. The experiment not only covers several concepts associated to ‘supplies’ it also supplies a clear hyperlink to the physics of music and illustrates to students, aged sixteen, why the subject ‘materials’ could possibly be of interest.

  • In the past, those who were disabled have been usually not eligible for public education.
  • Three smartphone-based mostly experimental workouts ‘The tilting smartphone’, ‘The oscillation steadiness’ and ‘Using the Smartphone in a Torsion Pendulum’ are offered.
  • Students will want units, tools, and training to know, analyze, drawback solve, and finally create solutions by no means imagined earlier than.
  • Beginning roughly at the finish of the seventh or through the sixth century, Athens turned the first metropolis-state in historical Greece to surrender education that was oriented towards the longer term duties of troopers.
  • It is an pressing imperative that we spend money on the full cycle of education, SDG four, from childhood growth to youth abilities and adult studying.

In latest weeks, a rising variety of college students throughout the nation have set foot in their faculties, some for the primary time since final March. Of course this is all due to God’s mercy and His wonderful inclusion, the help and assist of Kevin, Nike from I can education advisor, plus help from …

Why CBD Is So Popular These Days

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Since it became legally available in recent years across the world, CBD oil has continued to become increasingly popular. This cannabinoid is derived from cannabis and the hemp plant and has steadily become part of all numerous wellness and health products, ranging from teas to tinctures – and today, it can even be found in bathroom products and food items as well.

CBD has not been available in the marketplace for very long. However, with the demand continuing to exponentially rise every year, it isn’t surprising that it has become mainstream now with companies such as Sativa Gold. In recent years, the popularity of CBD has been influenced by several factors, which include a wide range of health benefits that it provides. However, the story is even more interesting than just that.

How did the increase in popularity of CBD happen?


In the UK, CBD oil is legal as long as its THC content is under 0.2{223256d28002a39a1ca33438c3586d09829c09d91292b320b3e699d5c77136f7}. That is due to the fact that THC is the main psychoactive component contained in cannabis ha makes users “high.” This is why it is not allowed in products that are legally sold over the counter.

Health benefits

CBD offers numerous health benefits. It has been shown that it helps patients who suffer from such diseases as epilepsy, arthritis, and cancer. This research is not conclusive yet, but many people believe it contains healing properties, and therefore many patients struggling with these problems seek help from CBD.

Also, it is known to effectively treat chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, anxiety, and depression. Due to its many applications, it continues to increase in popularity.


Everyone wants to stay beautiful and keep their skin in top condition. It has been shown that CBD provides a broad range of outstanding benefits associated with this. …

Tips for a Slimming Diet that is Safe for the Body

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Weight problems no longer cover the issue of appearance alone, but there is a more important issue here, namely the health issue. Given that obesity triggers many diseases in the body, especially cardiovascular diseases such as heart problems, respiration, and narrowing of blood vessels.

If the mindset you have when you start a slimming diet is to have a healthy and fit body with an ideal weight, then here are some slimming diet tips that can be done. Because these slimming diet tips are healthy and safe steps to do in order to get the ideal body weight.

Adequate fiber intake

These slimming diet tips will begin by emphasizing the benefits of fibrous food in the weight loss process in a healthy and safe way. Not only effective for weight loss, by consuming fiber we can also prevent weight gain for a long time.

To meet adequate fiber intake, make sure there are fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the diet that you eat every day. You can also take meticore to lose weight.

Cut back on refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are meant here as foods that have been cooked or processed in such a way as to remove other nutrients from these foods. Several types of refined carbohydrates such as flour, pasta and white bread.

However, this does not mean that when you are on a slimming diet you need to completely ignore carbohydrate intake. This means ensuring that the carbohydrates consumed are still complete with other nutrients. For that as a substitute, foods such as wheat, potatoes, quinoa or carrots. This type of food is much more nutritious and keeps you full longer.

Adjust your diet

Slimming diet tips in a healthy and safe way is to make sure the body doesn’t starve, because diet doesn’t mean not eating. …

Tips for moving house

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Naturally, people feel happy to welcome a new home that will be inhabited. Especially if the house has long been dreamed of. However, the days before moving can be troublesome for some people. They will be confused about arranging the items to be moved and finding transportation to transport them. Many logistics companies are willing to transport and deliver your goods, such as  Europian Logistics Companies. here are some tips that can ease the activities of moving house:

1. Make a list of items to be brought

Making a list of items to bring can make your house move activity more effective. That way, you can know which items need to be carried and not. Give a number for each box that filled with your belongings. To make the work faster and neater, you can print the number, cut it out, and stick it to the box.

2. Separate Priority Items

cleaning the house can make you forget to put the item. Separate your priority items in the bag you normally use, such as wallet, money, passport, and other important documents. In addition, you can also put it in a transparent plastic container. This will make it easier for you to reach.

3. Take Benefit of Big Furniture

Wardrobe can be an alternative storage when moving house. Having a tall size, wardrobe is suitable for storing large and light items such as blankets, pillows, and bed linen. Don’t forget to adjust the size of the transport car to load your wardrobe. In addition to the wardrobe, you can also take advantage of shoe boxes and other large items.

4. Pack Your Items Far Away

Packing things before the day of moving will make it easier for you to avoid tension. You can start sorting things, then packing them. This …