5 Types of Best Floor Tiles For Homes

Although the floor is the last part to be installed when building a house, The floor can give a maximum appearance to a house as a whole. Therefore, choose the floor carefully. Pay attention to every aspect, such as texture, materials, motifs, and even the price of the floor.

Here are 5 types of best choice floor tiles suitable for building a house:

1. Stone tiles

Stoner tiles are very suitable to be applied on the porch and bathroom because they have a rough surface. taking care of stone tiles is very simple. If you are looking for a stone tile, Amber Tiles provides a wide selection of stone tiles, such as limestone floor tiles.

2. Marble tiles

marble are floor tiles derived from natural stone fragments. This type of tile is famous for its durability. With the natural colors, marble tiles have a fairly high price.

3. Granite Tiles

In contrast to marble tiles that can absorb liquid easily, granite tiles have less absorption so they can be easily maintained. This tile has a glossy outer surface like glass.

4. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a very popular type of floor tile. Ceramics has many variants of colors, shapes, textures, and patterns. Ceramics are made from clay and are burned at a certain temperature then coated with glaze. Ceramics has a fairly affordable price and do not carry heat.

5. Tile

Tile has a motif that has been used for so long. Floor tiles are produced using a mixture of concrete sand and cement at the top. Tiles have a weight that is quite heavy. This makes tile require sufficient accuracy when it is installed. However, this type of tile can be classified as durable with a fairly simple maintenance.