5 Concrete and Masonry Projects that Level-up your Home’s Landscaping

Residential landscaping might be one of the biggest contributors to resale value for homeowners. A beautiful yard with all the right design components can really pull your property together and showcase your favorite outdoor oasis. What many homeowners don’t realize is that some masonry projects are just as important as adding colorful plants or garden stones.

5 Masonry and Concrete Projects

If you’re thinking about any landscape additions to your home, check out these five masonry and concrete projects that can help level up your oasis.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is the most important project for  homeowners. Walls come in all styles, but are typically around 2 feet in height.

Any Oahu concrete professional will tell you that a retaining wall is like the foundation for your oasis. Without the support of the right wall, soil can erode and  foundations can sink. With the island weather, water flow and erosion can become a huge problem for your property.  Concrete walls are sturdy, strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Many homes in Hawaii use traditional stone masonry to construct their walls and this helps them maintain their island-style all while protecting the property.

Concrete Driveways

A new concrete driveway is a great first home project and should be included in every  remodel.  Concrete driveways are durable, easy to clean and the perfect material to withstand the island’s tropical weather.

Driveways can also add space to your  property and can be personalized to fit your needs.  They can be built with a combination of concrete and masonry components or be stylized with decorative concrete designs.

With such an easy upkeep, Oahu concrete driveways work as a win-win situation for those looking to spruce up their property.

Outdoor Fireplace

Fire is a good omen in Hawaii and can add more fun to your yard . A fire pit or  outdoor fireplace can be a great focal point in your yard when you have people over for gatherings. It’s an excellent addition for the homeowner who loves grilling or takes delight in cooking for their guests in the outdoors.

Fireplaces are usually built with masonry tools and materials to ensure they are firesafe and durable.  Because masonry materials can withstand weathering and are hardy materials, your outdoor projects are sure to endure for many years.

Privacy Walls/Fences

A customized  fence or wall can be a more personal oasis solution. Whether you’re looking for bamboo or stone walls, these materials can help block noise from traffic or from nearby neighbors.

Rock walls are used throughout the islands and are a mainstay feature in many homes and commercial properties.  Traditional Hawaiian rock walls are made with stacked stones, lava rock, or even tumbled river stone.

You can also use concrete to construct walls as well. Concrete can be molded into all sorts of designs and styles, making it the ideal material for personalization purposes.

Decorative Concrete Patios

Oahu homeowners should take advantage of decorative concrete patio designs . It’s a great design element that can transform your yard and take your landscaping to the next level.

Decorative concrete patios are the perfect addition for homeowners who want to add style, comfort and class to their home. Patios offer a level of design influence not found in other landscaping features.

Decorative concrete patios can be created in all shapes and sizes, allowing homeowners to make the perfect design statement for their oahu home.

Poured-in-place concrete is a popular option because it offers long-lasting durability and is stain resistant. And with all of the innovation in decorative concrete, homeowners have many options to choose from.

It’s important to keep in mind just how much weathering occurs with the Hawaiian islands. Homes need special attention to ensure that they are built strong and withstand all of Oahu’s harsh elements. Homeowners should consider these 5 masonry and concrete projects that can help improve home aesthetics while ensuring safety and durability.