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3 Things You Should Not Ignore When Using Shipping and Installation Services

aIn an era where technology is developed rapidly, every machine must reach the destination properly with no damage. However, in reality, different things will happen. There may be risks that occur during the shipping process and installation process. Here are tips for minimizing risks in shipping and installation.

Provide Delivery Location Information in Detail

One of the problems owned by customers related to product delivery and installation is imperfect communication between service providers and customers. Customers sometimes forget to give detailed information such as the delivery location is on the third floor. This makes the service provider does not prepare the right equipment for installation on a high enough floor. In addition to incomplete tools, it will give impact that is delayed in the next delivery schedule. This then creates a problem that does not only belong to you and the service provider but also to other customers. Avoid this by providing detailed information regarding to the delivery location and installation details.

Proper Measurement Information

Other problems that often arise in the installation process are tools and supporting parts that are incorrect. For example, before buying a new one, your old stove has a certain size that adjusts the space. When buying a new one with a larger size, the space must, of course, need to be larger. Many customers don’t understand product size, and service providers need to modify it so that the product can be installed properly. If you do not understand the size, it is better to consult with the service provider first.

Preparing Your Home

In the installation process, you need to prepare your home so that it facilitates the accessibility of service providers in the installation process. You can move things that could disrupt the installation process.

Those are some things that you should pay attention to when you are about to receive a product or do an installation. It is highly recommended to consult in advance with the delivery installation specialist to help the process later on.