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3 Safe Investment Routes For 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, many investors and business personalities have started talking about what could be the future of investments. Technology is a monopoly, given how fast and powerful certain applications like machine learning and deep learning have been within sectors like fintech, commercial property management and similar. With this in mind, let’s try to analyze 3 investment routes which could be a gamechanger for 2020.

Cloud Technologies

Although its impact within bluechip companies like Amazon (AWS, to reference) and Apple, cloud-based technologies are still, pretty much, a startup matter. In 2020, buying startups’ shares is set to become extremely big, especially if you consider the fact that, with the advent of new data-driven databases, it will be possible to speed up the usage of data-driven marketing strategies. Buying a startup’s shares could cost you as little as £1 in 2020, so keep this in mind!

The Real Estate Sector

Of course, technology isn’t the only rising business sector in which you could invest. Properties and real estate have also been rising in popularity in the past couple of years, mainly due to the fact that this sector has finally digitalized its presence and moved services like compulsory purchase order to a more “online-based” approach. The future of real estate is indeed digital and will very likely become even more digital-friendly in the near future. With this being said, if you’re a lead generation expert with a solid background in property, then you can easily approach this very business route in 2020 for your investment plans.

Crypto (Still)

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin lost a lot of value in the past couple of years but crypto is, still, a relevant topic for micro and macro investments gave how Santander has announced a fully blockchain-based branch. Investing in smaller cryptocurrencies could definitely be the starting point in regards to any form of the crypto-related investment plan. If you’re confident enough in approaching bigger ones like Bitcoin, for example, you should consider buying micro-versions of the currency, as it will save you capital and will also be easier to exchange.

To Conclude

These three are definitely between the top three safest routes you could possibly approach in 2020, for competitiveness, safety and, most importantly, growth. Keep them in mind and don’t forget to experiment!