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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Primary School for Children

To choose an elementary school, the role of parents is still number one. Because children still cannot be released just like that to choose. Moreover, children are still in the adaptation period. Begins to change his childhood habits. In elementary school, children will meet different teachers. Different ways of teaching and different rules. To choose the best elementary school for your children, you can visit

Here are 10 tips for choosing the right elementary school for children:

  1. Choose a school that has complete extracurriculars. Although still in elementary school, the habit of joining extracurricular activities must be started. This will make the child accustomed.
  2. See the competency of the teacher. Choosing an elementary school must not be done haphazardly. Choose teaching staff who are competent and have adequate education. At least a Bachelor.
  3. See the environment. Safe or not. Choose an elementary school that has good security. Despite being on the side of the road, children are certainly safe.
  4. The survey went directly to the school. Look at the teaching and learning process. See whether the child can be active in class or not. See also the learning media, complete or not.
  5. See the achievements of the school. Even though they are still in Elementary School, look at the achievements of the school, which includes the achievements of students and teachers.
  6. Adjust to the economic conditions of parents. There is no need to go to a favorite school if you don’t have money. What is important is the talents and interests of children channeled. Children are comfortable attending school. If it is too pushy, it will ruin the original plan.
  7. Make intense communication with the school. Can talk directly with the teacher and the principal. Or also by looking for info from active student guardians. This will greatly help provide the latest info.
  8. See the curriculum being applied. Will be seen in how to teach teachers in class. Student understanding will also determine. If the method used is still a conventional teaching method, then the child will not develop. Choose a school that uses a contextual approach so that you will truly recognize the reality of what you are learning.
  9. Observe school activities. Where this activity will be in direct contact with the community environment. Indirectly will train children in the community. Some of the activities intended are industrial visitation activities or small businesses around the school, social service activities, or others.
  10. Choose a location not far from home. Children will get tired if they have to go to school far. To support the adaptation process, it would be better if the child is still in school around the house.

Criteria for a good elementary school are elementary schools that want to develop children’s interests. Quality elementary school with good student and teacher competencies. For this reason, parents must choose the right elementary school for their children.