Beard care tips for healthy facial hair


Have you ever been poked? No, I don’t mean being poked by an external object or stick, but by your own beard. This might sound funny, but it really is the truth, sometimes our beards grow to be tough with razor sharp follicles than pierce with no mercy. This is always prevalent with new growth.

Even though everyone who grows a beard must pass through this, it doesn’t mean that they all must suffer from tough and itchy beards. There are different tips to make the beards soft and look amazingly awesome. Beard care tips for healthy facial hair include the following;

1. Wash your beards thoroughly when you shower.

This is the most important thing that you must never forget if you wish to have healthy good looking facial hair. While in the bathroom, you ought to treat it nicely, lather it up to get the dirt and oils trapped below; then you can rinse it out. This will ensure that the beards are well embedded under a fresh environment.


2. Comb the beard with a narrow teeth brush

After you are done with washing and oiling the beard, you then should comb it gently downwards with a narrow teeth comb, while the beard is still wet. This will prevent the beard from rolling up and creating an unpleasant look. You should also ensure that you clear out the tangles and then finish by grooming the beard nicely.

3. Apply an oil or conditioner

If you have something which is exclusively meant for beard maintenance, it will serve you best. Beard conditioners are always the best as they will maintain the dense color of your beard and keep them fresh even when you sweat. Oils will ensure that your facial hair has a superb shiny appearance. When you buy the conditioners or oils, always ensure that you seek advice from a medical practitioner, this is because some of these products may have a negative reaction with your skin. Check out for the best wax that you can use.

4. Resist the urge to scratch your beard

hdhjd874The beard can be the world’s itchiest place, but you just have to develop some personal discipline of ignoring it and not putting your nails into it. Your nails might have some bacteria which may affect the beards from their root and cause unnecessary swellings. If you must scratch it, then use a soft cloth to take care of the itch.

After considering all this, you should then relax and let the beard grow naturally. You don’t have to apply all types of beard growth supplements. All you need to do is to take it easy.

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