Men’s Fragrances

For an industry that has exploded in within the last few years, for most men, finding the best designer fragrance can be an uphill task. The market is full of many fragrances and finding the best might mean testing each and every brand and taking several trips to stores in town. However, with tight schedules, that may never happen.

Best Designer Fragrances For Men

Calvin Kleinrightcalvinkleinfsgdhfjkguoyiturytew

Calvin Klein has in the last few years wowed us with the best boxers for men, and its entry into the perfume industry has made other brands rethinking how they have always done things. Knowing the various characteristic of Calvin Klein fragrance, there is no way it can miss from your list of men’s best fragrance. The perfume is a perfect blend of chilled cucumber, citrus bite, and lavender. It will leave you smelling great all that day long.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

First launched in 1985, the Creed Green Irish Tweed is all about charm and elegance. This perfume comes packed in one of the most beautiful bottles and has a sort of timeless sound smell that represents confidence. It is also quite versatile.

One Million By Paco Rabanne

As the name suggest, this is one in a million perfume for men. This is a fragrance that was developed by Michel Girard, Oliver Perseus, and Christophe Raynaud. It has a tantalizing scent every man should try. It is wild and coming with base notes of amber, white wood and patchouli this perfume will surely bring the best out of you.

Bvlgari Aqua

If you are not afraid to dig dipper into your pocket for an amazing fragrance, then the Bvlgari Aqua must be on our next shopping list. It is not only one of the most sought after but one of the most expensive men’s perfumes you could lay your hands on today. It comes with a great husky, and its fragrance can keep you well refreshed for a considerable length of time.

Dior Homme Intense

This is unlike anything you have come across before; it is a gamer changer, and Dior bvlgariadsfdghfjkglh;jlj,kmhngbfvdcsvbdfnHomme Intense is one perfume everyone knows. The scent is out of this world; it is expertly constructed and smells nice. If you are looking for something fantastic for evening wear on formal events, the Dior Homme Intense is all you ever wanted.

If you need a perfume for yourself or your man, then you should choose from the above designer fragrances. You should choose a fragrance that is compatible with your skin.

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